The passion of ponies
for the little ones

Lessons and courses for children from 3 years old
In Grimbergen, north of Brussels

Lessons - to progress and have fun

Lessons - to progress and have fun

Group lessons for all levels and private lessons in French, Dutch and English.

  • Club formula – half day or full day
  • One hour group lessons
  • 30min private lessons
  • Hypotherapy
  • Passion Formula – 4x per week with your favorite pony!
  • All our lessons

    Internships - Total immersion in the magical world of ponies

    Internship or day school internship during school holidays.

    In July-August, equestrian holidays by the sea for a guaranteed change of scenery.

    All our internships
    Internships - Total immersion in the magical world of ponies

    “Horse riding is the search for balance, confidence, harmony. It is to become one with your horse. It is to make two beings a couple who understands and respects each other. It is at the rhythm of the horse or that of his rider, advancing step by step, learning and progressing constantly. It means discovering every moment, intense moments, new sensations. It is learning to understand, to respect, to love ”

    Chantal Rega

    Chantal Rega (Graduate
    instructor ) Tel: 0496/86 58 98

    Hof te Beverlaan 195,
    1353 Strombeek-Bever (Grimbergen)

    Bank account
    Agricultural Credit: 103-0182604-21 – IBAN: B17 1030 1826 0421 – BIC: NICABEBB

    Pony-club Hof te Bever asbl
    Place Albert 1er, 12/2
    7070 Mignault
    Company number: 0888.947.887

    Equestrian club affiliated to the LEWB (Walloon Equestrian League Brussels), GEPL group